Utility Billing Rates

(updated January, 2024)

WATERBase Rate (includes 500 cubic feet of water usage per month) – $33.50 per month + $2.00 monthly surcharge fee for capital improvement fund.  Total Base Fees = $35.50

Excess Water Consumption – $3.40 per 100 cubic feet*

*Meters are read every month. Water consumption in excess of 500 cubic feet in a one month period will be billed to the customer in addition to the base fee

Example: You use 700 Cubic Feet of water in January. You will be billed $35.50 + $6.80 for 200 cubic feet of extra consumption over the 500 cubic feet allowed for one month.

If you use less than 500 cubic feet per month, then your total water bill will be $35.50 for the month.

SEWERSingle Family Residential
Flat Rate – $81.00 per month

STORMWATERSingle-Family Residential
Flat Rate – $120.00 annually* ($10.00 monthly)
This charge is billed on behalf of the City through Snohomish County on the owner’s annual property tax statement.

For more detailed information on Utility Fees for multifamily and commercial uses, please refer to the  City Master Fee Schedule

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